New Year's Eve

JOIN MARTY AND THE HIDEOUT DUBAI for this New Year's Eve Party. Come for a drink. 200dhs unlimited drinks 9pm til 1am. New Year Evening Brunch is 250dhs for food and drink from 9pm til 1am. The Party goes on til 4am. Entry is Free. To book your place please message us or call 0585346000
Marty "Wait, you don't understand.  If you don't play there's no music they don't dance. If they don't dance they don't kiss and fall in love and i'm history

Ugly Jumper Party

THURSDAY 12th December

The Annual Ugly Jumper Party. Wear your Best/Worst Jumper and we will give you the first drink on us and 25% dicount for the rest of the evening. The Biggest Christmas songs played with the best 80/90/00s music until 4am. The Ugly Christmas Brunch is 250dhs 8pm til 11pm. Call 0585346000

So Solid Crew

THURSDAY 19th December

The Biggest UK Garage Group will preform on Thursday 19th December. Free Entry. Brunch Available 8pm til 11pm for 250dhs per person.  Club is open til 4am. Call on 0585346000 for bookings.


4pm til 8pm
100dhs Unlimited  house drinks and one big party. Whether you have just finished work or are looking for an After BRUNCH party we will ROCK you.